Sayulita Hotels and Villa Hotels Sayulita

Family Vacation Destination & Surfers Paradise

Sayulita is perfectly located just 30 miles to the north the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, which you can reach from just about any place in the USA and Canada without breaking the bank on plane tickets. The ease of which you can get here makes those spur of the moment romantic weekend trips to Sayulita very easy to do if you wanna surprise your significant other or simply need a weekend getaway from the everyday life.

Bring your family to Sayulita without having to worry about safety, as Sayulita is a very safe place for tourists and can in no way be compared to the border cities you see and hear about in the news. Sayulita is definitely one of the best family vacation destinations in Mexico. There are so many fun activities in Sayulita like fishing, swimming, snorkeling, horseback riding, ATV tours, golf and of course Surfing. If you are not into doing activities then hit the beach for some relaxation no matter if you prefer working on your tan or strolling along the 2-mile beach in search of the less crowded “hidden” beach spots.

As with most small Mexican villages, Sayulita just oozes of culture and heritage where the local people shines through with their friendly and laid back vibe. The food and dining experience in Sayulita is just the icing on the cake in this great Mexican vacation destination. There’s everything from the tiny taco stands up to high-end fine dining – it’s all awesome, and of course at a very affordable price.

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